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Under Medicare Advantage rules, health plans are required to reach out to providers quarterly.Under CA SB-137, health plans are required to reach out to providers at least once every six months.

The data you verify will be securely shared with participating health plans to update provider directories.

So, instead of updating your information with multiple companies, you can tell us—and we’ll tell them. To help patients avoid accidental out-of-network visits, 27 states have now implemented laws that mandate providers update their information with health plans regularly.

At Better Doctor, we know how time-consuming and frustrating it is to try and stay compliant with new regulations just so you can accept insurance.

If it discovers that it cannot find a header file or a dependency, it will fall back to the tag parser and provide the original fuzzy Intelli Sense behavior.

This blog post Visual Studio Code C/C extension June 2017 Update details how the fallback behavior works and how you can control it.

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Health plans have partnered with Better Doctor to simplify the process with California and Indiana health plans.